11221291_10101518595184887_8471310615068616879_nMy name is Brigitte Henry Cooper. I am a Kid-Lit Author, Stripes Enthusiast, and Word Nerd! (That’s me in the white dress!)

Kid-Lit has always held a special place in my heart. As a child, I cherished visits to the bookstore in search of the latest American Girl, Baby-Sitters Club or Boxcar ChildrenAs a college student, I studied Shakespeare by day but read chapter books by night. As a teacher, I admittedly ended math lessons a few minutes early so my students and I could dive back into our read-aloud (Shh! Don’t tell!) 

My lifelong dream of becoming a published Kid-Lit author finally came true in 2018 with the launch of my debut series, Game Face. Published by ABDO, Game Face is the story of four feisty female friends who charge the fields before them with grit and girl power.

My second series, Odd Jobs, followed a few months later. This collection of spooky ghost stories has young readers turning the page and clutching the flashlight faster than you can say, “Boo!”

I hope you enjoy my little reading nook. Here, I’ll share stories, inspirations, photos, and fun facts. (Fun Fact: I have a weakness for Arnold Palmers and anything striped. Seriously…..any.thing.striped.) 

I am constantly dreaming and drafting future Kid-Lit stories, so stay tuned and feel free to visit as often as you’d like!