#ChildhoodShelfie: A Poignant Realization Told In Hashtags


Are you one of those people who’s known since childhood that you wanted to grow up and be  {Insert Cool Profession Here} ?

Nah, me neither.

Some people have a life path as focused as a laser-beam. They feel a calling in their gut and aim straight at the bullseye of their choosing. (And that’s great!) But my path has been a little more winding, with a few more pit-stops and route recalculations. (And that’s great, too!)

Professional Singer-Dancer-Violinist. Basketball Superstar. Sports Broadcaster. High School English Teacher. Elementary School Teacher. Interior Designer. Independent School Administrator. Kid-Lit Author. The list of things I’ve wanted to be when I grow up has morphed and changed along with its navigator. (I like to think of it as taking the scenic route!)

Recently, during a visit home to my dear Pennsylvania countryside, I visited the bookcase in my childhood bedroom. Each shelf contained beloved stories, treasured photos and favorite mementos. (Yes, that’s a steel drum in the corner and, yes, I can play excerpts of Under The Sea!)

As I jumped from shelf to shelf, a theme started to emerge … a theme that I hadn’t really noticed until now … a theme that made it quite clear that perhaps, just maybe, there has been a compass guiding me the whole way after all.

The following is my poignant realization…told in hashtags. Do you see what I see?

IMG_94441. Beloved Childhood Stories








2. From The Mouths of Babes







3. Literary Mash Up








4. You’re Never Too Old For Picture Books







5. Testing The Waters







It appears that these shelves, these very shelves nestled safely in the corner of my cozy childhood bedroom, have known all along what I am just now figuring out.

As I round this next bend in the road and reach for the Kid-Lit stars, I’m comforted to see that the writing’s been on the wall (and the shelves) this whole time.


Bonus Shot!





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  1. That was a fun trip down memory lane! Thanks for the memories, Brig!

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