Girl Power! Feisty Females for Readers of All Ages


I’m currently knee-deep writing my Game Face adventure and loving every minute of it!

My favorite part of the writing process so far has been developing the four females who make up the Game Face starting line-up. You know how the characters in our favorite books, movies, or tv shows feel like real people rather than imaginary creations? (The entire cast of Friends, in my case.) Well, the same thing happens when you’re an author!

The Game Face girls are coming to life! Their unique quirks, personalities, interests and goals are taking shape and leaping off the page. Working in an all-girls school, I am surrounded every day by confident, creative, supportive and accomplished ladies. I want my Game Face girls to be just like them – authentic, interesting and inspirational. (No pressure, right?)

Where to turn for girl power guidance? Well, good writers are also good readers, right? So, in my quest for inspiration, I revisited some of my favorite feisty fictitious females. (Word nerd, remember?) Turns out, they each have an important message to impart to readers of all ages:

1. Freckleface Strawberry – Love the Skin You’re In!


OK, I might be biased, but what could be better than a confident redhead? Meet Freckleface Strawberry: a 7 year old learning to love the skin she’s in. It just so happens that her skin is covered in thousands of tiny freckles and topped off with a mop of ginger locks. So what? After all, the things that make you different also make you YOU!

In this heartwarming picture book and early reader series, Academy Award-winner-turned-author Julianne Moore and her adorable mini-me encourage girls (and boys!) to embrace their bodies, love themselves and celebrate the things that make us unique. (Side Note: Since writing this, I’ve sprouted two new freckles…)

2. The Sisters Grimm: Fairy Tale Detectives – Face Adventure Head On!


Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are just two normal girls. Well, they were two normal girls until moving to the mysterious town of Ferrytale Landing. There, the sisters soon discover that their seemingly normal neighbors are actually Everafters, leftover fairy tale characters from beloved children stories. To make matters more interesting, the girls realize that they are descendants of the famous Grimm Brothers and must now continue the family legacy and become fairy tale detectives!

But wait! There’s more! One particularly evil group of Everafters, called The Scarlet Hand, is plotting to break out of Ferrytale Landing and take over the world. (Duh.) The only way to stop them? The Sisters Grimm, of course!

Throughout this middle grade series by author Michael Buckley, super sleuths Sabrina and Daphne somehow manage their way out of the stickiest situations. Lions, tigers and bears? More like giants, witches and dragons. (Oh my!) With each new daring adventure, the Sisters Grimm prove that Prince Charming isn’t the only hero who can save the day!

3. Harry Potter Series & Hermione Granger – Book Smarts Can Be Magical!

Let’s be honest, Harry and Ron would be a hot mess without Hermione. (Am I right?) Whether conjuring a specific spell under pressure, correctly categorizing poisonous plants, or preemptively packing the perfect potion, Hermione leads her wizarding wolf pack like a boss. If Harry is The Boy Who Lived, then Hermione is The Girl Who Killed It!

With beauty, brains and bravery, this Gryffindor is a triple threat! In this legendary series by J.K. Rowling, Hermione and her quick wit show us time and time again how book smarts can actually be quite magical.

So, whether you’re a budding author looking for inspiration, a parent searching for literary role models, or, perhaps, a fellow word nerd in need of a good read, look no further. These feisty fictitious females will leave you glowing with girl power and ready to tackle anything life throws your way!


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  1. Maryjane Henry

    So much fun!! Can’t wait to meet your Game Face Gals!!


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