My Debut Book Tour: Launching Game Face!


Wow! What a whirlwind few months it has been! After Game Face debuted in early January, I have been caught up in an ambitious and invigorating book tour. You all know I love a good party, and what better reason to celebrate than the launch of my very first children’s book series? So I planned not one, not two, but six (yes, six!) parties and events to get the ball rolling. And boy, did it roll!

I have finally emerged from my post-party-paralysis and cannot wait to share the details!

Time for a Read Aloud: Classrooms Visits!

My love for literature took off in the classroom. So, naturally, my first stop on the book tour had to be back to my roots. Over the course of several classroom visits, writing lessons and publishing parties, I introduced the Game Face girls to the enthusiastic and inspiring students at Sacred Heart Greenwich (my current home) and Wyoming Seminary (my old stomping grounds). Sharing my books with the readers I wrote them for was nothing short of a dream come true! Bring on story time!

IMG-7754IMG-8054IMG-8055IMG-8064IMG-8065IMG-8066Nibbles, Sips & Signings: Party Time!

What do you do when you finally accomplish a life long dream? Party time, baby! Festive fetes? Tasty treats? Family and friends? Count me in!

(Special shout out to my sister Jane, The Science Chef, for creating delicious Game Face cupcakes! I don’t know what was more popular – the stories or the snacks!)

The first celebration took place at an adorable shop in Greenwich, CT called Splurge. Usually, I pop into Splurge for that perfect hostess gift or birthday bauble. But, today, it was my books (my books!) stocking the shelves of this chic establishment. Many thanks to Sonja and her team for hosting such a fabulous night on the town!

IMG-8008IMG-8010IMG-8011IMG-8014IMG-8016IMG-8019IMG-8025IMG-8026Next, I took the show on the road and headed to Dundee Gardens, an inspiring lifestyle establishment in my hometown of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Nestled in a breathtaking greenhouse, amidst a backdrop of blooms, Maggie and her Dundee team created a stunning setting where guests gathered for nibbles, sips and signings!

Special thanks, also, to Jill Hockenbury Snowdon, former sports reporter and current empowering female coach, for hosting an awesome Q&A session!

IMG-7802IMG-7798IMG-8043IMG-8031IMG-8040IMG-8053IMG-7822IMG-8035IMG-8047IMG-3475IMG-0107IMG-3476Stretch It Out: Balancing at the Barre!

After action-packed weeks of partying, it was time to stretch it out with some time at the barre. (No, the other barre!) Ashley Allen and her crew of strong and confident teachers at Pure Barre Greenwich were a huge inspiration for the dancing dynamos in Balancing Act. In fact, Ashley’s experience as a former competitive gymnast came in quite handy during the research and development stage of the manuscript.

For the tail end of my book tour, I decided to introduce Louie Lin and her Game Face friends to some real-world impressively athletic ladies. Lift, tone, burn, girls!

39477IMG-805690010.jpgThe Final Chapter: A Happy Ending?

Once the dust settled and the glitter was cleared, it was time to assess the results of my first ever book tour. Sure, I had a blast, but did we sell any books? Um, try almost 600!!

I continue to be blown away by the outpouring of your love and support. Getting published was a dream come true, but finally sharing the fruits of my labor with family and friends has definitely been the best part! I could not have done this without you guys. Thank you!

So, what’s next on the agenda? Enjoy one final cupcake and gear up for Round 2. Victory sure is sweet!



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