Take a Look Inside: My Magazine Debut!

Inside“‘If you ask a hundred different authors how they got published, you’ll get a hundred different stories’…Former Back Mountain resident, Brigitte Henry Cooper, has her own story of how she became a published Kid Lit author. One of the best parts of her story…she’s one of our own.” – Clare Parkhurst

It isn’t every day that you’re featured on the cover of a magazine, so indulge me for a bit here. A few months ago, I got a call from Clare Parkhurst, editor extraordinaire of Inside the Back Mountain, a local publication that features news and events from my hometown of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Clare had gotten wind of my Game Face debut and wanted to feature me (yes, me!) in the April issue. How exciting!

I immediately agreed, and set about filling Clare in on my road to becoming a published author. After several phone calls, and a few hours pouring over the blog, Clare gathered her research and starting putting together an article. And, boy, what an article it turned out to be. Check it out!


Filled with precious family memories (yes, that’s Mom and me in our PJs!), illustrative quotes and timeline tidbits, and beautiful photographs (thanks, Dave Dillon Photography), this sensational spread told my story with energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you, Clare! I couldn’t be happier with how the piece turned out, and will cherish it always. (Let’s just say, I’ve already looked into getting it framed…)

If you find yourselves in the NEPA area, be sure to grab your copy on newsstands now! For more information on Inside the Back Mountain, please contact cparkhurst@bestversionmedia.com.

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