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Science Chefs At Home: Magic Milk Experiment


Like all of you, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home recently. This unexpected “new normal” has been (at times) awesome and (at other times) challenging. Caroline has charged head-first into Toddlerhood and all of its trappings. She’s got a lot of energy (like, a LOT) and so I’ve had to get creative with activities. Bath toys! Playdough! Puzzles! Oh, my!

Thankfully, this time at home has also given me the opportunity to work on my latest Science Chefs manuscript (albeit in short nap-time increments). (For you newbies, Science ChefsĀ is about four friends who use everyday food science to help them solve creative culinary questions. It’s inspired by the original science chef in my life, my sister Jane.) I’ve been testing a lot of cool food science experiments for my characters to perform in the book. The experiments are all hands-on, easy to do at home, and kid-friendly. Turns out, they’re just the quarantine creative outlet I needed! Keep Reading!