Illustrator Introduction: Meet Elena Napoli!

Elena Napoli

Don’t tell anyone, but illustrations might actually be my favorite part of books. (Says the Word Nerd!) There’s something about beautiful visual images that still holds a magical power over me. The vibrant colors! The glossy pages! The creative designs! I could spend hours losing myself in the picture book section of any bookstore or library, and have admittedly purchased my fair share of stories based simply on their stunning illustrations.

As an author, seeing my characters come to life on the page has absolutely been the coolest part of the publication process. I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with two fabulously talented artists. You all know Tim Heitz from Game Face fame. Now, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the brilliant illustrator behind the whimsical Odd Job images, Elena Napoli! Keep Reading!

Introducing My Second Series: Odd Jobs!

I still cannot believe I actually get to say it, but here I go. Allow me to introduce my second Kid Lit series, Odd Jobs!

These spook-tacular ghost stories feature Ella, recently orphaned and sent to live with her old Aunt Raven in the creepy town of Windy Hollow. Not much for family affection, Aunt Raven sends Ella off each day on random odd jobs throughout town. Stock a shelf here, fold some laundry there – the tasks are trivial and boring … until they’re not. With ghoulish guests and paranormal plots, Ella’s jobs quickly transform from odd to oooddddd. (I couldn’t resist. Word Nerd.) Keep Reading!

My Debut Book Tour: Launching Game Face!


Wow! What a whirlwind few months it has been! After Game Face debuted in early January, I have been caught up in an ambitious and invigorating book tour. You all know I love a good party, and what better reason to celebrate than the launch of my very first children’s book series? So I planned not one, not two, but six (yes, six!) parties and events to get the ball rolling. And boy, did it roll!

I have finally emerged from my post-party-paralysis and cannot wait to share the details! Keep Reading!

One Smart Apple: Food Science Tips to Preserve and Prepare your Pickings!


Is there anything better than apple picking in the fall? Now that the temperature has dropped low enough for crisp mornings and pumpkin-spiced-anything, it’s time to swap cover-ups for overalls and head to the nearest orchard for some classic fall fun!

If you’re anything like me, you’re really in it for the baked goods. (Apple cider donuts anyone?) But for those more inclined to actually take some apples home, read on for two quick food science tips to preserve and prepare your prized pickings. Keep Reading!

Grill Science: Tips for a Tasty 4th of July!


Now that the Game Face manuscripts are signed, sealed and delivered, I’ve jumped back into my Food Science foray to continue work on my series inspired by The Science Chef. I have to say, researching this tasty topic is a real treat (see what I did there?) and I’ve collected some pretty helpful hints along the way, like these LiveScience grilling tips for whipping up juicy burgers, veggie variations and delicious desserts.

Before you fire up the grill this weekend, take a look and make this 4th of July your tastiest yet!  Keep Reading!