I can’t wait to share my stories with you! Game Face and Odd Jobs are both available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also purchase autographed books through my website.

The Courage Cape is available by contacting All proceeds of its sales directly benefit Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.

Happy Reading!

Game Face  (Chapter Books, Third Grade Reading Level)

Game Face tells the tale of four feisty female friends who charge the fields before them with grit and girl power! Whether on the hockey rink, balance beam, softball diamond or broadcasting booth, Alana, Louie, Rana and Maya prove that with strength and support, girls can accomplish anything!

Odd Jobs  (Hi-Lo Chapter Books, First to Second Grade Reading Level)

Odd Jobs is a spook-tacular series of ghost stories featuring Ella, recently orphaned and sent to live with her Great Aunt Raven in the creepy town of Windy Hollow. Not much for family affection, Aunt Raven sends Ella off each day on random odd jobs throughout town. Stock a shelf here, fold some laundry there – the tasks are trivial and boring … until they’re not. With ghoulish guests and paranormal plots, Ella’s jobs quickly transform from odd to oooddddd.

The Courage Cape (Picture Book)


Olivia is sick of sitting around her hospital room. She needs something fun to do. Thankfully, she’s at Janet Weis Children’s Hospital – a special place just for kids! During a trip to the playroom, Olivia meets Dirk, a little boy in need of a confidence boost. In an attempt to lift Dirk’s spirits, Olivia tells him a story about the courage cape – a special cape that has superhero powers! The idea blossoms, and Olivia soon finds herself on a surprise search for the real courage cape. The quest takes Olivia and Dirk throughout the hospital halls, where they meet new friends, see interesting places and learn the true meaning of courage.